Presentation Format Information

There is a template for your INTER-NOISE 2015 presentation in MS PowerPoint.  The primary feature of this template is the inclusion of the Congress Logo in the upper corner.  If you choose to modify the template for font (larger) size, bullet format, etc., at least please retain the Congress Logo as shown.  It is preferred that your presentation is made and submitted using MS PowerPoint, however pdf format submitted instead if necessary.  The following guidelines should be adhered to however:

  1. Limit the number of slides to a number that can easily be discussed in the available 15 minutes for your presentation.  Nominally, this would yield 15 content slides, however, this depends the complexity of the individual slides.  After 15 minutes, your session chair will ask you to end your presentation open the floor for questions.  After 17 minutes, questions will conclude so that attendees can move to a presentation in a different room at the scheduled time.
  2. Company or organizational logos are allowed on the title page, but should not be included on subsequent slides.
  3. Try to limit the number of equations in your presentation to the minimum required to convey the message of your talk.  Details should be available in the written paper for those who are interested further.
  4. Avoid complex word slides and attempt to focus more on charts, photographs, and illustrations that convey your points.


 Presentation Format Information

Your presentation can be uploaded via this web page. It is highly recommended that you do upload your presentation prior to attending the Congress in order to avoid waiting at the upload room provided at the Congress. To upload your presentation below, you will need to have your Congress registration number available. If it is not possible to upload before the Congress, upload computers will be available in room Foothill A at the Atrium level just above the Marriott Lobby and will be available beginning at 13:00 on Sunday, August 9th.

Presentation Upload